At InsightNG, we believe in a future where people and intelligent computers create a new partnership that enhances, scales and accelerates human expertise in a way never possible before; bringing step level changes in cost saving advantages in time and money to all sizes and types of organizations

It is time to evolve, not replace!

“Studies show that human + machine will beat a human or a machine at almost every task” – Augmenting Human Intelligence, Dr. John Kelly III, IBM


The unprecedented availability and increasing volume of corporate memory made up of dark data (mostly unstructured data such as emails, documents, video, social media) is both a challenge and an opportunity for modern business. Blind spots in making decisions are growing quickly as the pace of growth of dark data accelerates beyond our ability to read, analyze, and process these huge volumes of data.

35% of the top 5,000 global companies regularly fail to make insightful decisions about significant changes in their business and markets

source: Gartner

65% of executives agree the increasingly complex business environment has made it more difficult to base decisions on purely “functional” factors such as cost, quality or efficiency

source: gyro/Fortune Knowledge Group

61% of executives agree when making decisions, human insights must precede hard analytics

source: gyro/Fortune Knowledge Group

Only 20% to 30% of all data created is every used, creating huge risk over time as stakeholder disconnects across silos undermine the data’s value

Context & Findability are key!

Compounding the issue is the increasing problems created by corporate amnesia – the loss of accumulated corporate knowledge due to employee departures, changing workforce demands and a fragmented IT landscape.

Traditional systems and approaches fail to manage, harness and process this valuable data!

“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking”

Buckminster Fuller


Our approach “Googles for things that you wouldn’t have thought to Google” by using contextually driven augmented intelligence to recognize your context and then thinking outside the box to see what you can’t see, find connections you hadn’t thought of, and help you discover the actionable insights you need


In summary, our solution enhances new and existing systems with the cognitive fabric necessary to enable better thinking and decision making by using contextual intelligence – combining cognitive computing and human reasoning to create and discover exceptional, transformational value


“I felt my brain working in different ways as I was forming connections between the knowledge I created."


PhD candidate

"Being able to map concepts / theorists together and find new connections is invaluable."


Masters, Digital Humanities

“I liked seeing visual evidence of how my ideas were evolving, and how the concepts related to each other.”


PhD candidate

“It Googles for the things I wouldn't have thought to Google.”


Corporate Researcher

"I am thinking about a company that I might be interested in approaching - maybe for acquisitions. I would input that company or industry and the tool would find across my network, people that may have an association with that company or industry."



Andrew Ferrier

ex-CEO, Fonterra Co-Operative Group

“The passion that InsightNG has for empowering individuals to achieve their personal goals, drive important decisions and solve challenging problems in a faster, more meaningful way aligns with our own values and vision. Our members are actively seeking new knowledge and support to help them accomplish their major life goals.


InsightNG’s solution expands our current platform offering of information and mentorship to the discovery of new knowledge and insights, with an anywhere, anytime approach that immediately adds value to our members. The end result will enable us to better measure and understand the needs of our members, providing us with access to previously untapped potential in our growing community and new areas of market growth.”



Bill Starr

CEO,, a GoalsCorp Media Inc. company

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