Insight Visualised

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The past few years I have been heavily involved in a new concept for e-learning and knowledge discovery, called InsightNG. Recently, we released the first public beta of our platform. It is free to sign up for while we are in beta, so by all means give it a try, we would love to hear what you think of it. Or if you want to have a quick look at InsightNG to get an idea of what it’s about, visit this public canvas on The Semantic Web I created.


So what is InsightNG? One way to say what we’re doing is that we are visualising insight. An InsightNG ‘Thought Canvas’ is an interactive map of its creator’s learning process for a particular complex problem or topic. Where a simple search presents you with results without context, we constantly relate everything to the wider scope of your thinking, associating things and building relations between websites, articles, pictures and videos (any sort of web resource), but also more abstract/’real world’ things such as concepts, tasks, events, people, etc.  Real human Insight is gained, not by getting individual search results, but by seeing all the little puzzle pieces in this broader context. When it “clicks”, when you go “Aha, I get it!”, you have gained insight.