Why we think InsightNG works for acquiring new insights

InsightNG is built on the foundations of that universal human experience called human insight.  It can often be referred to as an aha! moment or moment of insight or eureka.  The power of insights is evident in our daily lives.

Dr. Nancy Napier provides what I think is a great summation of what insight is –

“Previously unconnected pieces of a puzzle or problem suddenly fall into place.  Ideas fuse together in unexpected ways that make sense, once they do.  And that feeling – relief, exhilaration, and euphoria.”

As a species, we have depended on our abilities to encourage and obtain insights on a daily basis. For example, when getting ready for the day, you thought about the people you would be meeting and decided what clothes you would wear suitable for the occasion.  You don’t have to think about how you solved that “what to wear today” problem as your mind worked through it unnoticeably fast.


InsightNG has moved from the back of a napkin to something real!

When I first started thinking about the idea behind InsightNG, I knew that a day would come when my vision would leave the back of a napkin and become something real and tangible. That big vision of

enriching human life by empowering individuals with the ability to advance all critical thinking (so we can make more highly informed decisions, accelerate innovation and gain previously unforeseeable insights)”

has now come to life.

Our first major release is out

I am very excited to announce that our 1st Generation Platform has now been released onto our production servers and is ready for the public to sign-up and use.

As founder, this is a very satisfying moment for me and our hardworking team.  We are still in beta and have much more that we will be adding to the platform as we grow and take in feedback from our user community.

Below is a visual of one of our interactive demo showcase Canvases, exploring various aspects of Visual Thinking (try it now).

You can learn more about the features the platform provides by heading to our Features page and for more in-depth detail and description on the features we have built so far, you can check out our version release announcements.