10 tips to prepare your brain for University or College

If you’re one of the many lucky students to be beginning your new endeavor, you have probably heard many times over how different college education is from high school. Well, in case you need to hear it one more time – it’s very different. To save from an in-at-the-deep-end feeling, follow our tips to help you through your first semester at college.

Check the syllabus

Being prepared gives you more of a head start than you might think. Jumping into a whole new branch of education, a new experience, and new topics can be overwhelming, and it can be comforting to feel a little bit prepared and organized. Not only that, but you are giving your brain a good head start; showing up to class knowing what you will be learning allows you to get in the right head space.

Get ahead with reading


While you are still in a state of excitement over your shiny new books, read them! You may not remember everything you read, but you are slowly opening your mind to this new information. Make small notes on post-its and add them in here and there.


My interview with Stock Market Insights site Seeking Alpha on the future of IBM


I was very fortunate recently to have been asked for an interview by contributing writer Cristiano Bellavitis for the online Stock Market Insights site Seeking Alpha.  The article and included interview were part of a series of articles taking a closer look at IBM’s Future.

I was asked about our experiences working with IBM and using the Watson technologies to enhance our own cognitive platform, along with my thoughts on where Cognitive Computing is going.  I enjoyed the opportunity to talk about what we are doing and it helped solidify our company’s collective thoughts on where cognitive computing and our vision using such technology is heading.

You can read the article here –> A Closer Look At IBM’s Future (Part 5) – An Interview With InsightNG CEO Neil Movold