Intelligent machines now have knowledge that we’ll never understand

This is a bit of a read, but well worth it for the insights and thought provoking narrative. Intelligent computers are now capable of producing results that can be verified to be positive and good while at the same time being unable to show or explain how it did it in human ways of justifying knowledge – at least in our current state of human evolution.

Where does this leave us in our understanding of how the world works?

Our Machines now have knowledge we’ll never understand, by David Weinberger on


AI viewed at its most practical level – working in partnership with humans

Fully agree with the sentiment that AI and cognitive computing will spur a partnership between humans and intelligent machines. This is currently being overshadowed by the sometimes over hyped focus on replacing deterministic based repetitive human tasks and reducing the costs of making predictions.

Once the dust starts to settle around this focus, and hopefully sooner rather than later, the real investment for AI and cognitive computing will become clear and action will be taken – investing time and resources into augmenting human ingenuity and human opportunity.

Artificial Intelligence, Viewed At Its Most Practical Level – by Joe McKendrick on