Fully agree with the sentiment that AI and cognitive computing will spur a partnership between humans and intelligent machines. This is currently being overshadowed by the sometimes over hyped focus on replacing deterministic based repetitive human tasks and reducing the costs of making predictions.

Once the dust starts to settle around this focus, and hopefully sooner rather than later, the real investment for AI and cognitive computing will become clear and action will be taken – investing time and resources into augmenting human ingenuity and human opportunity.

Artificial Intelligence, Viewed At Its Most Practical Level – by Joe McKendrick on Forbes.com

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I am the founder and CEO of InsightNG. I have a career spanning across Canada, Australia, Bermuda and New Zealand. For most of my life, I have been keenly interested in how our human brains function at a cognitive level. When my son Jaden was born with Spina Bifida, my interest in human cognition became more focused, resulting in the creation of InsightNG. My current interests lie in the areas of social learning, open innovation, collective & contextual intelligence, knowledge discovery, findability and content visualization.