“65% executives agree increasingly complex business environment has made it more difficult to base decisions on purely ‘functional’ factors such as cost, quality or efficiency.” (gyro/FORTUNE Knowledge Group)

What does Australia’s largest independent oil and gas company Woodside, Xero, the ANZ Bank, Deacon University, Molemap and the Melanoma Institute have in common?

They fully understand that data is king, that knowledge is king. They are using cognitive systems to help people do their jobs better with the right information at the right time. The cognitive era is here, and every industry and sector are affected by the digital disruption that is taking place at increasing scale.

A cognitive business is one that is prepared to harness the significant business and economic value that has been made possible by three historical shifts: 1) a world that is awash in data, 2) a world reinvented in code, and 3) the advent of cognitive.

If by chance you will be in Auckland, New Zealand on Wednesday, 9th November 2016, and you are interested in learning how you and your business can seize opportunities for disruption by taking a cognitive business approach, then join our founder and CEO, Neil Movold, as he leads an engaging, thought-provoking and practical introduction to learn how your organisation can seize opportunities for disruption before your competitors do!

Attendees will walk away with a practical understanding of how cognitive systems can be used today to amplify knowledge and re-imagine workflows, transform businesses to discover and explore intelligently to unlock new business models and accelerate growth and sustainability.

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About Neil Movold

I am the founder and CEO of InsightNG. I have a career spanning across Canada, Australia, Bermuda and New Zealand. For most of my life, I have been keenly interested in how our human brains function at a cognitive level. When my son Jaden was born with Spina Bifida, my interest in human cognition became more focused, resulting in the creation of InsightNG. My current interests lie in the areas of social learning, open innovation, collective & contextual intelligence, knowledge discovery, findability and content visualization.