A cognitive business is a thinking business

What is the price of not knowing the value that sits hidden within the increasing volume of information that surrounds your organization?

In the past, individuals made decisions based upon their experience and the historical data they had access to. In the new Cognitive Era, cognitive capabilities enable business leaders and decision makers to make strategic decisions based upon data, structured and unstructured, which are inherently changing in real-time.

A cognitive business is one that is prepared to harness the significant business and economic value that has been made possible by three historical shifts:

  1. a world that is awash in data
  2. a world reinvented in code; and
  3. the advent of cognitive computing

Are you prepared for the new reality?

If you answer YES to any of the following questions or similar ones you can think of and relate to, then it is time for you and your organisation to consider taking a Cognitive Business approach for growth and sustainability.

Q: Is your organisation struggling to create new, more engaging and easier user experiences with your customers?

Q: Is your operating model not aligned or able to keep pace and support new ways of working with suppliers, partners, and employees to best serve your customers?

Q: As the volume of data continues to expand exponentially, are you struggling to access and understand key insights that help you predict and prescribe the next best actions to take across your business?

What if you could become indispensable to users and customers, amplify knowledge and re-imagine workflows, transform your business to discover and explore intelligently to unlock new business models and accelerate growth and sustainability?

Benefits of introducing cognitive

Here are a few of the benefits of introducing cognitive solutions into your organisation:

  • providing far better “headlights” into an increasingly volatile and complex future
  • upskilling the ability to advance all critical thinking and apply previously unforeseen insights
  • smarter knowledge distribution so relevant knowledge is available when needed
  • uncovering patterns, opportunities and actionable hypotheses traditionally impossible to discover
  • capture and repurpose tacit knowledge that usually leaves with staff turnover
  • more intelligent management across an organisation
  • allowing staff to refocus their efforts on the 20% of the job that “requires more deeper know-how” or higher value activities than on the 80% of efforts on grunt work
  • going beyond the who, what, where and when of traditional analytics to the how and why understanding that will scale expertise rapidly, enable better decisions, align teams and make them more creative and agile

We can help

We have spent the past 5 years building our own cognitive solution and aside from that solution, we can apply that knowledge and experience to short-term contracts or longer-term projects that can help your organisation to understand, drive or implement value-driven solutions that are based on artificial intelligence and cognitive based technologies.

Here are just a few of the things that we can help you with:

  • Better use your information technology investments, increase the lifetime value of your customers and enhance collaboration and information sharing.
  • Go beyond the who, what, where and when of traditional analytics to the how and why understanding that will scale expertise rapidly, enable better decisions, align teams and make them more creative and agile.
  • Apply a cognitive approach to high-value business activities that will prioritize content and conversations to orient people to what matters most to them.

If you want to seize opportunities for disruption before your competitors do, then get in contact with us.

Digital is not the destination but the foundation for a new era of business – the key to getting the most out of digital and data is how much understanding we glean from it

“Cognitive everything – by 2018, over 50% of developer teams will embed cognitive services in their apps (versus 1% today), providing U.S. enterprises with over $60 billion in annual savings in 2020”, IDC

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