The features outlined below apply to our 1st Generation platform.  

Some of these features will be maintained within our 2nd Generation platform which is currently under development with our early adopter customers.

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Most of us face new challenges or projects every day at work, at school, or at home. But often the biggest challenge is knowing where to start when you don’t even know what to ask, or who to ask.

Within the application, you start with what you already know.  If it will take more than 20 minutes to solve, begin by building a ‘Thought Canvas’ (visual map) to help you navigate what you know and what you learn on your journey of discovery.

  • Stored in the cloud – access from any Web browser
  • Create unlimited Thought Canvases

In the future: we have tablet and mobile interfaces in the pipeline


Most conventional search and research tools make assumptions about what you need, they have to be queried over and over in different ways, and then the information they find seems to be disjointed and not relevant to your situation.

We approach search from the opposite end – we help you define your question better so that our intelligence engine only finds information that is relevant to your specific need. It’s like having your own ‘Smartest Friend’ at your side – who understands the unique context of your situation, discovers gaps, then points you in the direction of relevant knowledge.

  • Our contextual intelligence engine searches the web continuously for you
  • Drag-&-drop suggestions to build your Thought Canvas
  • Share knowledge with your team automatically (without having to bother your colleagues)

In the future: we are starting to build an opt-in ‘Global Brain‘ of human know-how and experience – we aim to unlock the valuable knowledge hidden inside people’s minds

“The instant I saw the picture my mouth fell open and my pulse began to race.” James Watson, The Double Helix²



Once you have collected relevant information, the hardest part is making sense of it all. Most conventional search and research tools just bookmark and categorise your information, then you’re on your own to find the connections.

We help and guide you through your Aha! journey with intuitive visual-thinking and sense-making tools. Being able to organise your information in a way that makes sense to you enhances the natural problem-solving processes in your mind, helping you find the unexpected connections.

  • Visual tools designed based on neuroscience research
  • Fully self-directed – you are in control, not the machine

In the future: this can be the most confusing and overwhelming part of the process so we are working on new ways to make your journey less stressful

Enlighten icon

You may be hoping for a blinding flash of inspiration to suddenly see how the pieces fit together. Unfortunately, these moments of insights always seem to happen completely randomly (often when you are in the shower!). If only you could create the insights you need when you need them.

It’s actually more common to have a series of smaller Aha! insight moments, and then over time you gain clarity, understanding, and peace of mind. Our tool includes recently discovered techniques that encourage these insights.

  • Record each Aha! moment in your Journal – to help you see the big picture emerging and to keep you motivated

In the future: we are working with researchers to discover more techniques for gaining insights faster


Are you sure you have discovered the best solution? The Aha! moment is a powerful feeling, but will your new insight stand up under scrutiny? Sometimes the vital information you need isn’t published, what you really need is human know-how locked inside someone’s head.

Each Aha! moment is really the start of your next journey. Share your Thought Canvas so your friends and colleagues can see exactly what you are thinking. Now you can hold insightful conversations to verify your thinking and tease out more experience and know-how that they hadn’t originally realised was relevant to your situation.

  • Share your Thought Canvases via Email or Social Media
  • Copy another Thought Canvas to kick-start your own journey

In the future: as part of our ‘Global Brain’ we aim to connect you with people working through similar challenges and possibly work on Canvases together

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