Writing in journal

We usually think of insights as a huge blinding flash of light – the famous ‘Eureka!’ moment. While its true that they do happen, it’s more common to have a series of smaller ‘Aha!’ insight moments, and then over time you gain clarity and understanding.

Journal button

We’re pretty excited about the new ‘Journal’ feature that we have just released. You can now record the Aha! moments you have along your insight journey – reviewing them helps keeps you motivated and can often trigger new thoughts.

Coffee canvas journal entry screenshot

You can find the Journal button in the blue toolbar along the top. It stores a snapshot of your Canvas with your journal entry (so zoom and scroll your Canvas to how you want it stored before pressing the Journal button).

Rename Canvas button

In this release we’ve also made dealing with your Canvases easier. The Canvas list now shows your most recently-viewed Canvases at the top, and you can rename your Canvases (using the pencil icon next to the Canvas title in the blue toolbar).

Rename canvas screenshot


About Douglas Campbell

Douglas spends a galling amount of time thinking about metadata and helping people find the information they need. Previously he has designed and product-managed search systems for national institutions in New Zealand. He is now working deep down in the nitty-gritty, developing our machine intelligence engine.