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Are you struggling to find linkages between opportunities and capabilities?

Does your world seem more like you have your head down, bum up – so you miss what’s going on or don’t have time to think?

Are there too many decisions to make and not enough meaningful insight to make them properly?

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Decisions are getting harder!

35% of the top 5,000 global companies regularly fail to make insightful decisions about significant changes in their business and markets.

65% of executives agree increasingly complex business environment has made it more difficult to base decisions on purely “functional” factors such as cost, quality or efficiency.

When making decisions, 61% of executives agree that human insights must precede hard analytics.

Today’s complexity is only expected to rise and 79% of CEOs anticipate even greater complexity ahead.


According to McKinsey & Company,close to 20 percent of a knowledge worker’s time is spent searching and gathering information to take the next step.

Complex and knowledge-intensive information processing are a bottleneck for many organizations. InsightNG can become your virtual, smartest friend and help separate the important signals from the noise.  Employees can focus on the data that matters most at a particular moment in a given situational context.

Employee performance management can become more accurate (less misinterpretation) when there is greater contextual understanding. Efficiencies in sorting through piles of data around employees improve employee management – how they are being managed, what they are getting done, what the future may hold for them, and their impact on the organization.

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Fonterra Co-Operative Group

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Benefits of our approach

There are many benefits to using our platform, tools and methodology.  Here are just a few of them:

  • more intelligent management across the organisation
  • improved employee performance
  • builds and extends powerful trust relationships that support growth, sustainability and fueling innovation
  • smarter distribution so relevant knowledge is available when needed
  • capture and re-use tacit knowledge that usually leaves with staff turnover
  • brings agility and speed enabling cost savings, time saving and reduction in manual effort
  • provides a sustainable competitive advantage by utilising and controlling information and knowledge as a strategic asset, in a wise way

“I am thinking about a company that I might be interested in approaching – maybe for acquisitions. I would input that company or industry and the tool would find across my network, people that may have an association with that company or industry.”

Andrew Ferrier

ex-CEO, Fonterra Co-Operative Group

How we can help you

Our team has a strong balance of business and technical experience.  Aside from the use of our platform and tools in their current form, we can help you and your organisation in the following ways:

  • discovery and mapping out of the connections/linkages between perceived and unknown opportunities and your organisation’s capabilities
  • development of an approach to harnessing your organisation’s corpus of knowledge in a more contextual way so that unforeseen insights can be discovered when you need them the most
  • using our unique methodology, we can help with your research objectives (e.g. market research)
  • discovering corporate capabilities and value that you might not have been aware of
  • Mapping a highly qualified value network of synergistic business partners, development opportunities and funding
  • Providing a deep, forensic analysis of internal and external contacts and opportunities that would not otherwise be found

Addressing your specific integration needs

Our platform has been developed from the ground up to enable cost-effective integration with existing company resources.  We recognise that a one size fits all approach does not work across organisations.  To harness the power of the information and knowledge your organisation has now and in the future, a more adaptive, contextual approach is required to meet your needs.

As you will read in Our Story page, we are at the beginning of our company journey and platform development. Our current 1st Generation Platform works well for individuals and small groups and can only extend to enterprise scale with custom development.

Let’s have a chat

Get in contact with us and we can discuss your needs and requirements.  We will be upfront and transparent with you around our capabilities as we want nothing less than a win-win outcome.