1st Generation - a Digital Assistant

At InsightNG, we are developing a digital assistant with a difference. Our current 1st Generation platform, which we call Your Smartest Friend, is ideal for individuals that want to interact with their own knowledge and understanding in a more intuitive way. This platform was built to demonstrate the power of our unique augmented intelligence technology.

To date, it has helped students, lawyers, researchers, parents, decision makers and many others to gain new levels of understanding and insights they never thought possible.

Our 1st Generation platform is free for life for anyone who wants to use it!


2nd Generation – Team Cognition

Our attention is now on developing our 2nd Generation platform which is focused on helping organisations to maximize business value by harnessing new and existing knowledge and insights from all of their data (e.g. structured, semi-structured, unstructured dark data) as a strategic asset. This combines an augmented intelligent digital assistant with enterprise wide team cognition.

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Our cloud-based augmented intelligence platform provides an intelligent cognitive fabric that sits alongside existing systems, empowering and growing rich knowledge structures as a strategic asset. The co-creative nature of the platform has the following unique characteristics:


  • It looks like a tool, but it acts as an Assistant – bringing the ability to mimic the human brain, to learn, to understand in context
  • It will engage in a conversation: “Have you considered this?“; whereas historical systems were designed to answer a simple question that we posed directly
  • It will help uncover relationships across all data sources, understanding and filtering by context to find patterns in the data that you didn’t know existed, new perspectives – the surprises!
  • It will be constantly learning along with you from new information and new interactions – as you use the platform, it gets better
  • Approaches context with the intent to extract applicable knowledge and cost effectively transfer it to any different or future situational contexts on demand, when it is needed the most


Shared adaptive capacity and adaptive team cognition creates new learning partnerships across the organization that finds, activates and cultivates human expertise, capability, and potential – increasing the return on human data creation even well after the author has moved on.

Over time, intuitive human-like interactions with the cognitive fabric provide a reciprocal relationship contributing to each other’s workload – each receiving something beneficial in return. Co-created knowledge graphs are used to continuously train and evolve the cognitive fabric’s intelligence and growing corpus of organisational knowledge and know-how.

This enables individuals and teammates to disseminate information and to transform that information into actionable knowledge for others within the organisation.

The goal is to embrace global participation across the organisation to apply expertise and knowledge in ways that increase in value over time.

How the Iterative Learning Journey works

Map out what you are currently thinking on a visual Thought Canvas


Our contextual intelligence engine continuously evaluates hundreds of searches to discover relevant new knowledge


You are in full control as you visually interact with your Canvas to expand your knowledge and understanding


As you connect the dots together, when you least expect it, BOOM!, new insights lead you towards your answer


Confirm and enhance your insights with feedback and collaboration with colleagues, friends or social networks

If you are interested in our 2nd Generation platform, then get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible