What’s new in Version 1.15

Our focus with this release is on content analysis and providing better-suggested content.

New partnership with IBM Watson

If you have not already heard, InsightNG has partnered with IBM and their Watson Ecosystem.  This is exciting news for us as we team up with IBM to advance our technology stack and bring more robust, value-creating solutions to the market.

With work already started, we will be enhancing our cognitive computing capabilities over time with the integration of various technologies and services from within the IBM Watson Ecosystem.

We are very proud to be a Business Partner of such a renowned brand.

Content Analysis: we know what it is about

Thanks to our new partnership with IBM, when you add an Element to a Canvas and you’re directed to a website, our intelligence engine can analyze the content and make suggestions based on keywords, concepts, people or organizations found within the text.


Keeping a journal improves your InsightNG journey [new feature]

Writing in journal

We usually think of insights as a huge blinding flash of light – the famous ‘Eureka!’ moment. While its true that they do happen, it’s more common to have a series of smaller ‘Aha!’ insight moments, and then over time you gain clarity and understanding.

Journal button

We’re pretty excited about the new ‘Journal’ feature that we have just released. You can now record the Aha! moments you have along your insight journey – reviewing them helps keeps you motivated and can often trigger new thoughts.

Coffee canvas journal entry screenshot


Exciting milestone release – creating the Global Brain!

We are very excited to share our milestone release, which sows the first seeds in our ‘global brain’ vision. 

People abstract


New peer knowledge-sharing feature 

Knowledge is profoundly social and comes from people, not machines. We’re proud that our intelligence engine finds and suggests information ‘out there’ that’s specifically relevant to your Thought Canvas. But where we really want to go is person-to-person suggestions – the sharing of human know-how from a global brain.

We have started moving our intelligence engine into its next stage of evolution – sharing the knowledge built up within the Thought Canvases created between the people who created them. Our intelligence engine can now make suggestions relevant to your Canvas from the connections your colleagues, friends, or classmates have made on their Canvases.

Group Knowledge Sharing

Our vision is to enrich human life by empowering the world with the ability to advance all critical thinking and to apply previously unforeseen insights.

A common barrier to achieving these new ‘Aha! moments’ is that you don’t know what questions to ask or who to ask them to. We are building a bridge over this barrier by adding contextual intelligence into our platform’s social layer.

You can now create groups or trust communities within InsightNG and add in the group’s members. You no longer need to know who to talk to as the intelligence engine will take care of that automatically, in the background. It’s still people helping people; we are just simplifying the process. (more…)

Announcing latest Platform Release with new User Interface!

Today, we have released a new look user interface to our platform which we think will make the user experience more engaging and intuitive.  We want to thank all those who have given us feedback so far.  Changes to the user interface are ongoing as we continue to fine tune the user experience, so please continue to give us feedback.




InsightNG has moved from the back of a napkin to something real!

When I first started thinking about the idea behind InsightNG, I knew that a day would come when my vision would leave the back of a napkin and become something real and tangible. That big vision of

enriching human life by empowering individuals with the ability to advance all critical thinking (so we can make more highly informed decisions, accelerate innovation and gain previously unforeseeable insights)”

has now come to life.

Our first major release is out

I am very excited to announce that our 1st Generation Platform has now been released onto our production servers and is ready for the public to sign-up and use.

As founder, this is a very satisfying moment for me and our hardworking team.  We are still in beta and have much more that we will be adding to the platform as we grow and take in feedback from our user community.

Below is a visual of one of our interactive demo showcase Canvases, exploring various aspects of Visual Thinking (try it now).

You can learn more about the features the platform provides by heading to our Features page and for more in-depth detail and description on the features we have built so far, you can check out our version release announcements.