Hustling fate to win the ‘right place, right time’ game

Right place right time cityscape

Wouldn’t it be nice to find success in your career by happening to be ‘in the right place at the right time’?

According to network scientist Ron Burt, your best chance is to hang around the places that are most likely to become ‘right’, and those elusive places are the ‘structural holes’ in networks of people.

There are always certain groups within a network that tend not to mix due to their different cultures. Yet it is that very mixing of different viewpoints that more often sparks off innovative ideas. So this creates an opportunity for you to bridge these gaps in networks to create a new possibility of innovation.

Open your network

I like how journalist Michael Simmons recently took a fresh look at Steve Jobs’ success at Apple. He found it was less about his personality quirks and more about how he joined-the-dots in the right places (between diverse communities and viewpoints).

What’s more, you can replicate this yourself.