5 major tips for completing your dissertation

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If you’ve ever had to plough away at a thesis, essay, script, dissertation, or anything similar, you will probably relate to feelings of worthlessness, stupidity, anger, frustration, desperation, and everything in between. Don’t panic! There are ways and means to get yourself back on track with the finish line in sight.

Set rules for yourself

Your favorite band is playing in your town, you want to go out with your friends, or you just want to sleep a little longer in the mornings – setting rules for yourself and learning say no to things you want to do is tough. But self-control and self-motivation are the most crucial parts of getting your work done.

If you function better in the mornings, then you need to wake up early and do some work, it’s as simple as that. Set mini deadlines for yourself, so you are working towards something every day or every week. If you find you struggle with distractions on a regular basis, take a look at anti-distraction apps like Cold Turkey, or a scheduling app like Evernote to make sure you are on track.

Be tough, but be flexible. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t reach the goal you wanted to. Going out with your friends is still important to give your mind a break, but you will have to learn to say no quite a lot. Sorry!

Just write, even if it’s bad

In the words of many a famous author, good writing is really rewriting. So whatever you put down on paper first won’t always stay. Just write, write, write. Even if it’s the worst thing you have ever written, get the ideas onto paper, and you can come back to them later. You have to accept your writing will sometimes be bad before it will be good.


5 Apps That Will Change How You Study

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With a wealth of information at our fingertips, it can be difficult to know how to sift through everything. Yes, we have everything we need to learn, but the question is how do we learn it?  Revision and studying can often be hindered as much as helped by technology; it can be distracting and can make it more difficult for our memories to work to their full capacity. However, technology is continually developing to aid study and revision, and we have compiled a list of the top 5 apps that will help you master your Masters (and other studies).

1. Dragon Dictation

Although this app can be used for anything from updating a Facebook status, to shooting off a quick email, Dragon Dictation can be extremely useful for studying. Using fast speech-to-text software, this app will type while you talk. Maybe you had a quick thought you want to jot down, or after hours of studying, your wrists need a break. You can use it however you want, whenever you want, and you will save bags of time.

A huge upside of speaking your notes is not only speed but memory retention. A lot of studies show that by reading or saying something aloud, you are creating a ‘distinctive memory.’ This means that you are digesting the information twice; once as you read it, and a second time as you say it aloud, making it more concrete as a memory. The drawback of Dragon Dictation is that it is only available on iOS devices.