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We’re just getting started

At InsightNG, we’re always thinking about the future. While our innovative platform has the potential to help solve real and complex problems, we’re aiming higher: we’re determined to empower everyone we touch. Our vision is to help people improve their understanding of the complex challenges they encounter every day.

In Our Story, InsightNG founder Neil Movold related how his personal journey led to a game-changing idea. However, we’re far from finished. In fact, we’re just getting started on an amazing journey to amplify human cognition!

Searching for new solutions

“…adults and children alike see their world as complex, changing, uncertain and ambiguous, and are likely to get more, not less, so.” Claxton & Lucas 2009

The leaps and bounds we’ve taken in the past few decades have changed the world. Life is more complex and challenging than ever, and we’re realising that traditional approaches to problem solving are no longer working.

Although technology is developing at a dizzying pace, with apps that can tell us everything from what to have for dinner to the location of the International Space Station, technology falls short of that intangible human experience.

People, on the other hand – our friends, colleagues, family – are the ones we depend on for support and wisdom. But that wisdom doesn’t quite cover all situations.

People and technology, working together

At InsightNG we’re excited at the possibility of bridging the gap between people and technology: bringing together the wealth of human experience and knowledge and the incredible advances of technology to create something altogether new.

We anticipate a future where people and intelligent technology work together to solve specific problems and challenges – your challenges. The technology we’ve developed, Your Smartest Friend, understands your life, your context.

Context is everything

When it comes to facing challenges, context is key. At InsightNG, we’re determined to put you in the picture. After all, even if thousands of people before you have faced the same challenge, it’s never going to be quite the same as when it happens to you.

That’s where Your Smartest Friend comes in. With the ability to place you in the picture, Your Smartest Friend provides that critical context to help you solve challenges and gain new insights.

Introducing Your Smartest Friend

Your Smartest Friend is our solution and it’s designed to help you problem solve and provide insight. Designed using the latest intelligent technologies and innovations, Your Smartest Friend puts you in the picture: the star of your own show; the centre of your universe.

Your Smartest Friend is a lifelong companion. A friend that grows and learns with you.

Your Smartest Friend never sleeps. It works around the clock, constantly seeking out new information and making connections.

Your Smartest Friend is organised. It collects and collates, sifting through data to find the most relevant information.

Your Smartest Friend teaches. It improves critical thinking and contextual intelligence.

Your Smartest Friend is an amazing networker. It connects with other social networks and individuals who can help you in your journey.

At school, at home, or at work, Your Smartest Friend can reduce stress, help you solve complex problems, save time and reduce the tasks that take up so much of our time.

How we’re making it happen

Creating a Smartest Friend for everyone facing complex challenges is a bold idea. We’ll need smart people, the latest technology, and a keen insight into the struggles people face in today’s world. At InsightNG we are determined to make a difference – and we believe we can.

Our current 1st Generation web-based Smartest Friend has already helped people in their research and day-to-day life. But at InsightNG we’re not the sort to sit back and congratulate ourselves on a job well done. We’re continually updating and advancing, seeking out the latest innovations to ensure our platform evolves into an advanced next-generation tool with remarkable capabilities.

Our 1st Generation platform is just the beginning. See our Features page to see how it works. While you’re there, imagine the possibilities along with us: incorporating virtual reality, or avatars capable of holding a conversation – these advances are closer than you think, and we’re eager to explore all avenues as technology evolves.

Our Roadmap  shows you how far we’ve come – and where we’re heading. We’re already developing our 2nd Generation platform, an improved Smartest Friend which will focus on mobile technology, integration with more information sources like social media and broader learning tools.

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As our platform evolves, it will become a spontaneously evolving system of collective adaptive capacity that will upskill and enhance each individual user’s human capacity, which is crucial in an increasingly complex world.

The Cognitive Fabric of a Global Brain

Our ultimate goal is to create the Cognitive Fabric of a Global Brain, that harnesses distributed intelligence to facilitate the expansion of human understanding and the flexibility in the way each of us perceives the challenges we face.  

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By approaching the context of situations we face with the intent to extract applicable knowledge and cost effectively transfer it on demand to new situations, this global brain will enhance our collective human capacity at a global scale to create a better world for all.

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Let’s have a chat

If you would like to learn more about where we are going, get in touch with us.  We would love to hear what you are thinking and who knows, there may be an opportunity for you to help co-create our vision.