Our focus with this release is on content analysis and providing better-suggested content.

New partnership with IBM Watson

If you have not already heard, InsightNG has partnered with IBM and their Watson Ecosystem.  This is exciting news for us as we team up with IBM to advance our technology stack and bring more robust, value-creating solutions to the market.

With work already started, we will be enhancing our cognitive computing capabilities over time with the integration of various technologies and services from within the IBM Watson Ecosystem.

We are very proud to be a Business Partner of such a renowned brand.

Content Analysis: we know what it is about

Thanks to our new partnership with IBM, when you add an Element to a Canvas and you’re directed to a website, our intelligence engine can analyze the content and make suggestions based on keywords, concepts, people or organizations found within the text.

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Are you feeling like you are in uncharted waters?

We realise that working with Canvases for the first time can be a challenge, possibly feeling like you are in uncharted waters and an unfamiliar environment.

To help you out, we have created a YouTube Channel and will be adding more tutorial and HOWTO videos in the days and weeks to come.

If you would prefer to read a more in-depth guide to help you get the most out of using InsightNG, then have a look at our “best practice approach to creating a meaningful Thought Canvas” guide.


About Neil Movold

I am the founder and CEO of InsightNG. I have a career spanning across Canada, Australia, Bermuda and New Zealand. For most of my life, I have been keenly interested in how our human brains function at a cognitive level. When my son Jaden was born with Spina Bifida, my interest in human cognition became more focused, resulting in the creation of InsightNG. My current interests lie in the areas of social learning, open innovation, collective & contextual intelligence, knowledge discovery, findability and content visualization.