Fonterra Co-operative Group Case Study

The following video case study was created in the early days as InsightNG was starting to take shape.  It outlines a real-life situation that our founder, Neil Movold, was working through at the time while engaging New Zealand’s largest publically listed company – the Fonterra Co-operative Group.

Using a very early stage proof-of-concept prototype, this video tells a story of how using InsightNG’s web application could uncover new, meaningful and actionable knowledge / insights that could otherwise be missed or be too resource intensive to uncover in a timely manner.

Scenario (please read before watching video)

  • Two companies, located in two different countries, with headquarters approximately 16,000km apart
    • Fonterra in New Zealand
    • Nutrasource Diagnostics in Canada

  • Fonterra has a product (Anmum Essential) that is especially formulated for children from one to six years old, providing a unique nutrient combination that will help facilitate the growth of new brain cell connections
    • Marketing analysis on the success of the product is difficult
    • Current tools to measure changes in neurological development involve blood tests, which are difficult to administer in certain target markets and prone to inaccuracy and contamination
  • Nutrasource Diagnostics has developed a way to measure a critical nutrient related to neurological development using breast milk (DHA Score™ Breast Milk Test), which is much easier to administer and less prone to inaccuracy and contamination
    • Nutrasource Diagnostics is actively seeking to enter the Asia Pacific region
  • Both companies have never heard of each other

NOTE: This video shows an early proof-of-concept only and is not fully representative of what is currently being developed as a go-to-market solution.


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