Your Smartest Friend in Life – Case Study

Home and School Social Services

When individuals and families in need engage with Social Services organisations, it can be a daunting and often frustrating experience.  They are struggling to survive and lost to figure out at times what to do next.  They feel isolated in a world where government and community services seem more like a dense fog, making it hard to see their way forward when they need help the most.

Right intentions – lack of resources

The right intentions are there from the various support organisations, the case managers and staff.  However, budget and cost constraints, along with human resourcing issues prevent healthy levels of engagement to take place across all those in need.

No more one size fits all works

To make things worse, gone are the days when most individual circumstances were more of the same and a one size approach seemingly worked. Individual circumstances are becoming more unique, requiring greater, deeper and broader attention to the details. Current approaches by support organisations are struggling to keep pace, often creating more frustration and grief for all involved.

Finding needles in the haystack

Most organisations have a mass amount of collected data, materials and other resources, often existing in isolated silos.  There is an increasing lack of ability to identify the various needles in the haystack within this wealth of information that could add tangible and meaningful value to the unique circumstances individuals or families find themselves in.

New approaches needed

Simply put, the lack of informed understanding of the overall background and unique circumstances involved in each case is affecting the ability for meaningful support and positive outcomes to occur. New approaches need to be taken to harness the value of existing resources and understanding in a more individualized way.

What if there was a way to capture the unique circumstances of those in need in a way that could provide a personalized roadmap of the right services, individuals, programs and support organizations that would provide the best, most practical help?

InsightNG can contribute to making this a reality.  Our solutions augment and add value to the existing resources that social services organizations have and build on that value over time.

Our approach enables cost, time and resource efficiencies for all stakeholders involved. Individuals receive personalized and targeted assistance while support organizations make better cost-effective use of their limited resources, achieving more for less with better decisions making capability.

Outcome Focused
More focus on outcomes rather than paperwork

Less Stress
Lower client stresses and frustrations

Personalized Support
Best people and services to deal with client’s individual circumstances

Cost, time and resources

Benefits for Clients

  • Gain a quicker and better understanding of the best people and services to deal with to help the situation
  • Lower stress levels
  • Faster time back to a position of stability and less dependency on social services – being in control rather than being controlled
  • Less time, standing in lines waiting for services or waiting for a case manager to help with your situation

Benefits for Social Services Organizations

  • More focus on outcomes rather than record keeping
  • Lower costs of services with greater value provided
  • More meaningful and fulfilling engagement with clients
  • Better use of existing resources to create tangible value for clients
  • Efficient re-use of what works across clients, which typically is hard to identify
  • More informed and skilled staff
  • Greater insight into the changing dynamics of client circumstances and new and better ways to help them
  • Harness disparate information sources within and across relevant organisations to create more impactive value to clients

Let’s have a chat

Whether you are an individual with a personal crisis, a parent challenged with a complex family situation or you are interested in understanding if our solution can help a friend or group you are involved with, get in contact with us and we can discuss your situation and needs.

We will be upfront and transparent with you around our capabilities as we want nothing less than a win-win outcome.